10 people to take care of to thrive in your career

grapesPay-off: build a plan around these 10 and you’ll take care of your career
Investment: 1 min (25 secs if you’d learned to speed read)

Here’s the most effective way to take care of yourself and your career:

  1. Take care of your mental and physical health
  2. Take care of your family
  3. Take care of your boss
  4. Take care of your team
  5. Take care of the business you work for
  6. Take care of your customers
  7. Take care of your friends
  8. Take care of your close network
  9. Take care of the influencers in your field
  10. Take care of (some) people who value your advice

Do these, and you’ll miraculously find that you are taken care of in your own work and life.

If you feel that you don’t want to take care of any one of these, you’re almost certainly in the wrong job! If so, re-read the list and consider how well you’ll achieve these things if you’re in the wrong job. Tip: get out, and in to a stronger position asap.

Which of them is the one above all others that you need to put more attention to right now?

Could your employees benefit from learning and acting upon ideas like this?

My programs on business development, leadership and effective learning help people not just learn useful ideas like this but we tackle the hard bit too – actually applying the ideas in the right ways at the right times. To see what value I can bring to your business, contact me.

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