A bag of non-sales / learning posts that people found useful

bagPay off: Plenty of ideas to improve how you learn, sell, and learn to sell

Investment: up to you, but make it count 😉

I thought a round-up of this years posts so far that people found useful, shared or that led to conversations with me might be useful:

For sales / non-sales leaders:

13 reasons why your young professionals should build BD capabilities right now

How to improve sales performance with self-directed learning

How to leverage new sales hires to improve whole team performance

3 traits that reveal potential sales talent in your nonsales people

For non-sales / professional sales people

The essential and only ABC of selling you’ll ever need

A realistic way to improve at anything each day

The easiest way to increase your sales long term

Why most people’s new intentions to change this year will fail

33 things worth learning to consistently win more sales

Amplify your learning power:

Learn up to 10 times faster

How to get 10 times more out of what you learn

For more…

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