14 reasons why engineers can sell

There are plenty of reasons why engineers already have a huge headstart, the edge even, over other sales people when it comes to professional selling:

  • They don’t want to be like the stereotypical dodgy ‘salesy’ salesperson, and they don’t tend to act that way
  • Customers buying technical solutions often want to talk to them
  • They’re intelligent and usually helpful
  • They’re problem solvers
  • They are often introverted which means they can question and listen well. This is perhaps their most important secret weapon
  • Customers like dealing with someone who they know is not the ‘sales person’. They have more trust towards you from the start
  • Engineers often like things to work, and to work well. This steers their approach with customers
  • They can be methodical and know how to work a process
  • They know how to connect the dots, and can learn which dots to connect in order to sell effectively
  • They have great technical expertise, so can answer customer questions and score highly in this area
  • They are generally steady in their approach, not over-reacting or behaving over-emotionally in front of customers
  • They’ve spent their life, from childhood, ‘selling’ (or putting forward reasoning to steer the minds of other people around them)
  • They usually believe in and take pride in their products and solutions
  • They are usually honest, decent people
  • They have proven that they can learn
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