7 common thoughts that hurt intelligent non-sales people (and damage business!)

cars…and my challenges to each!

Pay-off: Begin developing a mindset that grows your career and business
Investment: <2 minutes

The value here is if you actually pause to answer each of my questions rather than just read and smile at them 🙂

1.”I don’t have time to sell”

You say that, but…you have 10,080 minutes each week to borrow from. Where are your 10,000+ minutes going? What sales related activity could you do in just 15 minutes a day?

2. “I’m not a sales person”

You say that, but…how did you sell yourself into the job you’re in? And how did you persuade your colleague the other day to think differently about something? When are you going to have to win someone over next? And for what return?

3. “I’m smart, I’m the expert, I’m the smartest in the room”

You say that, so…go ahead then and tell me accurately what your client knows, thinks and feels about their business, their challenges, their motivations, and what they think and feel about you. And what they’re going to tell their boss about you when asked. Who’s the smartest in the room about all that deal-clinching stuff? Hmm?

4. “It’s all about relationship building”

You say that, so…why then do you have lots of relationships but few converting into business? When did your business chums last buy from you? Who have they bought from more recently than that? Why?

(And is the reason you “don’t have time to sell” (see excuse 1) because you’re spending too many of your 10,080 minutes a week smiling at your ‘no-intention-of-buying’ business chums over wine?)

5. “Our sales cycle is about six months”

You say that, but…how long was your fastest ever sale? Why can’t you find more opportunities like that, that are ready to convert now? Who’s finding and converting those? How could you beat your fastest yet?

6. No one answers the phone any more

You say that, but…they can’t when you don’t ring them.

7. I might fail

You say that, and…you will if you don’t think differently and try something different.

Are you and your team thinking things that create mutual value and grow your business?

Or are you making business development or sales harder than it needs to be?

If you find yourself (or those in your team) thinking or saying these things, you and your business may benefit from some sales support or coaching.

There are many ways you can tackle this, but one-off support won’t shift people’s mindsets. You need a drip-fed approach. Let me know if you want some ideas to help them develop high-value sales/BD mindsets.

I’m over here and here if you want to get in touch. And if you want to drip-feed your learning around selling more comfortably and effectively, sign up for my weekly posts (top or side of screen depending on your device).

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