An app to help you learn fast

flipPay-off: one place for instant relevant new content
Investment: 2 mins (1 min if you’d learned to speed read)

Let me point you towards one of my favourite and most used apps – an app that can have you learning some of the most useful, interesting and enjoyable content you’ll ever come across, and it’ll serve it up to you instantly, via a slick and beautiful interface.

Imagine that.

Beautifully relevant content beamed through your eyeballs and into your brain in seconds. No faffing. What more could a keen self-directed learner want?

And since I write this blog for non-sales people who want to be able to sell more effectively too, let me remind you that ‘learning’ is the king of all sales skills.

You sell more effectively when you know your stuff. You sell more effectively when you can help your buyers with better options, or when you know and understand more about what’s going on in their world than they do. Broaden your knowledge and you’ll broaden your opportunities to grow your business and career. This app helps you do all of that.

It enables you to collect, store, organise and share great content too, easily and instantly.

OK, here it is – it’s Flipboard and it’s free. And if you already have it, keep reading anyway as I may help you get even more from it.

Here are just some of the things you can do with Flipboard and some further resources to help:

  1. Download it here for IOS, here for Android or use it in your web browser here
  2. Create an account and tell it all the topics you like so it gets to know you
  3. Read it every day and enjoy the relevance of the articles. If you particularly like them, click the heart so it understands you better. It will get more relevant the more you use it, so have some patience at the start and just enjoy improving the experience as you go.
  4. Consider importing your Facebook feed into it or any of your Twitter lists. And follow some magazines of interest.
  5. Create your own ‘magazines’. You can make them private if you want to store your own articles of interest. I have one just called ‘useful stuff’ for example. Then, when reading an article you want to keep, you just ‘flip’ it into whichever magazine you want using the + sign. Takes one second.
  6. Become a magazine curator for others. Pick your topic, name it, ensure it’s set to ‘public’ and whenever you read articles that would go well in your magazine, just flip them in! I have two of potential interest (see points 9 and 10 below).
  7. Read the user guide here to get the best from it
  8. For more, here are some tutorials and a solid guide from a ‘flip-a-holic’ here
  9. To read or follow my own magazine called “Sales (for Non-Sales)click here Every time I find an article that might help non-sales people to sell better, I just flip it in and if you’re following it, you’ll get the article.
  10. To read or follow my magazine on self-directed learning and helping others to learn more effectively called “Help People Learnclick here

It’s worth the investment setting it up and getting to know how to use it, because once you’re there, getting to high quality content and storing or sharing it with others is all done in a snap. I can’t think of a faster way. Flipping brilliant.

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