A powerful sales tip that non-sales people love

keyPay-off: The key to making sales (that non-sales people love)
Investment: 2 minutes

A number of times people have asked me, “what’s your number 1 best sales tip?”

Here’s how I respond (although it’s not my full answer):

“Ensure that every step of the way you’re being helpful to your customer.”

And here’s the important thinking that the people who just seek out quick soundbites miss:

How do you ensure that you are?

  • Have you set your conversations up effectively so that they hit the right spot and press the right buttons for each person?
  • Are they structured to fit the buyer’s thought process?
  • Are they structured to provide a thorough exploration?
  • Do you remember to cover everything, or do you smile and ‘wing it’?
  • Is your approach water tight?
  • Do you purposefully seek out feedback or ‘buying signals’?
  • Would you know what to look for or what to ask to get that feedback?

Do you do it every step of the way?

  • Or do you just think that you do it every step of the way?
  • Are you listening, understanding, and tailoring your response?
  • Do you have at your fingertips a pot of useful ideas to add value at each touch point?
  • Do you make suggestions they haven’t thought of that are aligned with their challenges and goals?
  • Do they seem to have rapport with you and want to learn from you?
  • Do you share frameworks or guiding ‘rules’ to help them make their decisions?
  • Are those in your team all doing this?

How helpful are you being?

  • Helpful in your eyes or helpful in theirs?
  • What little extra effort could you have put in that would have meant a lot to them?
  • Are you looking at where you can add value?
  • Are you meeting them where they are at before trying to lead them efficiently to where they want to be?
  • Are you saving them time, effort, money, frustration in terms of how you engage them as well as what you actually sell?
  • Are you making the sales, or getting the clients and customers you actually want to get? Rather than just getting a few randomly here and there?

If you are professional and serious about results in sales, you’ll still be with me at this point. The others either bailed out after reading the one-liner tip, or by believing that they’re doing all of the other things mentioned.

But if you’re still here, you’re obviously thinking about your approach. You most likely care about your approach, and care about your customers and getting value to them.

If that’s the case and you want some more help, drop me a specific question any time – click here.



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