Benefits and rewards to improving how you sell

…benefits to you in your career..
  • Your employment value and career progression increases
  • Your job security increases
  • You win leadership over and gain their respect. You’re now instantly on THEIR team because you’re growing the business
  • Your earnings are far more likely to increase over time
  • We enjoy more what we get better at, and get better at what we enjoy more, so you step into this powerfully rewarding cycle
  • You get the edge over colleagues who aren’t investing in this skill
  • You have more control, certainty, and choices in your career. You may have more say on which projects you work on, or which clients you spend your time with
  • If you wanted to change jobs, you could sell yourself into a new one with ease
  • Colleagues tend to respect you more for the value you create
  • Your commercial awareness and interest increases
  • If you ever wanted to set up your own business, you’d be well equipped to land those first clients
  • Your confidence increases significantly
…benefits to you in your life outside of work…
  • You can talk to people better than ever before, and they notice it
  • You can add more value to more people, including family and friends
  • You can negotiate better when it really matters
  • You can get ‘yeses’ when you really need one
  • Your empathy increases and people trust and respect you more
  • You can create better relationships
  • You become more switched on to the bigger picture rather than just the detailed engineering perspective
  • You have more control over your emotions and discomfort
  • More of the right people gravitate towards you because they see value in your manner (you’re great at helping people to think in a way that they feel good about)
…benefits to your business or employer…
  • You increase the value you provide them, which you can leverage to gain more value back
  • You get more respect from leadership when you tie your work to the business and to customers
  • You contribute more to ‘the cause’ (if that’s important to you)
  • You contribute to creating more jobs. Over time, more customers = more employment.
  • You help your business acquire *the right customers* rather than the wrong ones

How else do you think you’ll improve your life at work and in your personal life too by learning to sell effectively and almost effortlessly? What could an ability to get ‘yeses’ when you really need those yeses do for you in your life? What value could you connect to people who matter to you? Once you’ve acknowledged the benefits, the next thing is to commit to investing in yourself. Schedule frequent and consistent time to learn to improve this skill.

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