Sales Shift

Over the past decade there has been a monumental shift taking place in the way that people buy. There have been numerous books written about this change from a business and marketing perspective and finally we have one that addresses sales. The way we sell has been forever transformed by the way people buy. The idea that selling has changed is not new – what is new are the approaches, techniques and overall philosophy described in sales shift. Frank Belzer draws on his years helping marketers and sales people work together and shares these skills and insights. What do buyers no longer need from sales people? What do all buyers want from sales people? How can sales people help without being pushy? Why should a sales strategy harmonize with an inbound marketing strategy and how do you do that? Frank has been sharing these thoughts at conferences, as part of his trainings and workshops and now the best of these suggestions are compiled in Sales Shift. If your company is looking to stay ahead and compete in this new world of selling - this is a great read and a must have for any business Library. Great tips and Great questions, well answered in Sales Shift.

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