Can’t sell, won’t sell! How to crack the tough nuts who don’t want to sell

negativesPay-off: one way to help a stubborn anti-sales person learn to sell
Investment: <1 min

Got someone in your team who vehemently rejects the idea of selling?

Invite them to convincingly persuade you to excuse them from such activity.

If they succeed:

They’re better than you thought. Tell them, “you’re a sales legend in the making!”

They might enjoy this new found strength and enjoy carving out a new challenging but rewarding career path, starting off with honing their skills perhaps and taking on some easy wins.

Alternatively you may find something worth considering in their business case and decide that the sales path isn’t for them after all.

If they fail:

They might appreciate a capability development program that will equip them to persuade you more effectively in three months? Maybe now they see the value in learning sales and influential skills.

They may now approach such a development program with some enthusiasm. Especially if you emphasise that this program is designed to help them find an easier, more comfortable and more enjoyable way to help others make such buying decisions. They may just begin to fall in love with the idea that anyone can do this.

Getting anti-sales people to sell you on why sales is such a bad thing and why the skills are of no use to them in their careers, if handled with rapport and respect, can create some high-value conversations around where to go from there…

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