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Undoing nonsense

Someone you care about believes something that you know is nonsense, and you can see it’s harming them, or other people, and maybe even harming you. Because you care, you wish there was a way to help them out of it. Consider this: You Cannot Reason People Out of Something They Were Not Reasoned Into …

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True value and true cost

True value In my work helping businesses to sell, I define true value as “the precise optimal mix of services or products that your entire business can provide your customers business, such that they’d be better off than they would be by keeping their investment.” It’s an ideal to aim for, and it involves the …

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How to play your cards right

You can’t help the hand you’re dealt. But you can help how you play those cards. And here’s what most people miss: you don’t have to play the cards you’ve got! People overlook this, using only what thinking or options come naturally to mind. But you now know that you can always pickup from the …

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Quickly cut through fear

Quickly cut through fear

Pay-off: Eliminate fear, and do the right thingsInvestment: 2.5 mins Sign up to monthly posts here What are you scared of? It’s an interesting thing, fear. We deal with it first. To attempt to survive. The amygdala in your brain takes on that job. And what a job! Quite the responsibility. Since it leads your …

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How to sell to smart people

How to sell to smart people

Pay-off: Pick someone smart you need a ‘yes’ from. Follow the advice below and you’ll increase your chancesInvestment: 5 mins. Sign up to monthly posts here You’re reading this because you sometimes have to persuade or sell to smart people. And you’re reading this because you’re smart enough to care about getting it right. Right? …

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