How to fight your way out of your comfort zone (and win)


Pay-off: a chance to re-direct your energy and abilities

Investment: 3 minutes

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This one’s about the fight you’re having. The important fight, with major lifelong consequences.

Whoever you are, and whatever stage of your career and your level of success, in some area of your work or life…

You’re having one of two fights right now:

Are you having the fight to step out of your comfort zone?

The one that requires you to change something about yourself?

The one where you courageously step into the unknown, by organising your thoughts and your resources to increase your chances of success.

The fight that you mightn’t win but you’ll definitely learn from (especially if you take action and have patience) and become stronger from.

And if you do win, may just earn you worthwhile rewards to be proud of whether financial, mental, or emotional, or all three.

The one that grows you, compounds, earns you confidence, and positive progress in your career or business.

Or are you having the other fight?

The fight to stay in your comfort zone?

The one where you fight hard to not change as everything else changes around you and increases pressure on you?

The one where you try to avoid the unknown (still not knowing the reality of what’s actually going to happen anyway).

The one that you have to keep having again and again and again, because something keeps coming back to tell you that doing something you’re resisting might, in fact, be the better thing to do.

The one where you find yourself defending, reacting, worrying what others think, and perhaps even blaming others a little too often for the situations you find yourself in.

Choose your fight:

Pressure increases as things change fast, and as people change fast around us. That’s inevitable.

And in both fights, you get hit. A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor. Both fights require emotion, effort, energy, stamina and a continuous need for attention. You’re going to put the effort in either way. But they lead to different places.

One is a fight to personally progress, grow, adapt, survive and thrive.

The other is a fight to hide, to avoid, to stay down as gradually the slow boil environment you’re in changes around you.

The scary thing is…what if you win THAT fight??

And how will your next 20 years pan out when you look back on the fight you chose?

Since you get the chance to pick which fight you’re having, you could take this opportunity to choose now?

(Either that or just quietly pop that browser window closed there whilst no ones looking and carry on in the warmth of the slow boil pretending we never had this conversation…)


And once you’ve decided to fight your way forwards into new exciting territory:

  1. Create your plan and don’t forget the smartest strategy might be to ‘tack’ – see this.
  2. Learn what you must learn (you can get 10 times more out of what you learn if you’re smart about it too) (BTW if you’re learning to sell more effectively, here’s 33 things you could learn)
  3. Apply it effectively
  4. Repeat

If you want the lifelike version of my help, (I speak out loud, move, smile and everything) we could work together and I could help train and coach you to win your fight? You can reach me here.

You can also check out my sites around helping people to learn more effectively and helping non-sales people to sell or develop business more consistently, comfortably and effectively.

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