Eliminate sales fear with clarity

santaPay-off: a reminder that you’re probably making things harder than they need to be
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What does the way most people think you have to sell, and Santa have in common?

Neither are real.

You could move into 2017 more confidently by eliminating some of your fears of selling.


By getting clarity on what works for you, in your market, using your strengths and style.

If you’re not clear, you’re probably imagining the nasty ugly stuff that you don’t even (nor should you) have to do. You’re making it up, letting it scare you stiff, and then suffering the consequences in the outcomes you experience.

When you realise what you do in fact need to do, it’s a weight off your shoulders and it gives you a lot of renewed energy.

Let me know if you want my help to clarify what that activity looks like for you or your team. It could pay off significantly over 2017.

Merry Christmas,


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