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  1. For EVERYONE it’s likely initial invitation emails will end up in their JUNK/SPAM folder! Please check.

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Group Management

Manage group

The manage group button links to your main ‘group management’ dashboard (add/delete users and access reports etc)

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Group course report

The group course report below gives a snapshot of everyone’s progress against each other.

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Quiz report

The Quiz Report button shows quiz responsese for users. You have to search via Quiz name. Click on the little clipboard icon once you’re in.

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Individual progress

The individual progress button links to a snapshot of progress of users. You must type their name or email address in for it to locate them.

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Open answers

The group open answers below are each users open answers to quiz questions. They can be ‘approved’ – perhaps we stick to Mark just doing this as I’ll be approving them if they got the technique correct. But you may wish to browse them to see if you glean anything else from their responses!

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User Points
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2 thoughts on “ENW Launchpad”

  1. Mark,

    Just watched your first video and it was really good, liked it and made me smile at how effective this can be! I’ll bookmark it on my phone to do when my daughter’s watching Telletubbies at 5am!

    I’ve lined up two guine pigs for the trial / focus group and I’ve just tried to add them via the Launch Pad and “Manage Group” button and it won’t let me. Could I have 10 mins of your time either tomorrow or Fri to help with this?


    PS I used this comments box as opposed to emailing you to check that works too.

    1. Thanks Matt – I just emailed you but a) let’s test I can get back to you on this and b) I think I’ve fixed the prob!

      I spotted that although in the back end you’re set up as a ‘group leader’ you weren’t on the group leader list at the bottom of the group manager page – YOU ARE NOW! (Sorry, those capitals were supposed to make this ultra-exciting. Failed didn’t I..)

      But yes, it really *should* work now if you try to add people. Give it a go, let me know, and if any probs let’s chat tomorrow.


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