Finding perfect sales opportunities (and coincidences)

Pay-off: two simple actions that help you find sales opportunities
Investment: 2 minutes
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Is a coincidence that goes unnoticed still a coincidence?

You kind of have to notice it to label it a ‘coincidence’ don’t you? But what about all the coincidences in your life that you missed?

That time when you got off the train and missed your old friend getting on the next carriage. Or when you stayed in the same hotel on holiday as your ex-boss.

These kinds of things happen way more than you think. In fact, coincidences (and for that matter, perfect sales opportunities) are everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Creating coincidences (and perfect sales opportunities)

I know this, because I collect coincidences. Ever since I realised that they were man-made, and that I could therefore create more. Ever since I realised that you have to purposefully dig them up to expose them.

Once, my cousin used to sit next to a girl at school. Years later, on the other side of the country, without any introduction, this girl becomes my girlfriend.

Another time, I made two friends in two different countries. Years later, their paths cross and they become friends.

One day, in Perth, Australia, two people meet and during their conversation both realise that they once attended workshops that I delivered.

And just a few weeks ago, I was talking to a customer service rep who, we both realised, I used to babysit 20+ years ago in Belgium.

This list could go on and on, but I’ll spare you my life story and instead make my point:

Be curious and ask

I discovered these coincidences (which happen all the time whether we notice them or not) by being curious and asking questions. The more you probe and ask, the more ‘hits’ you get.

You have a choice of three:

  1. To progress down the inevitably bumpy road ahead totally blind to the opportunities around you (whilst someone else grabs them).
  2. To progress down a more rewarding road by digging up perfect opportunities by always being curious, asking questions, and engaging people beyond the basic transaction. (You’ll surprise yourself how much gold you’ll find).
  3. Fail to decide right now, in which case you’re actually choosing option 1.


My suggestion to you is to choose right now. Then put something in place to remind you later what you chose.

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