How to get lucky when selling

luckyPay-off: make your team luckier at sales, fast
Investment: <1 minute

The harder you work, the luckier you get.

It’s certainly true in business development and sales.

More activity = more success.

And working hard requires pumping constant energy into the cycle of:

learn > execute > learn > execute

Don’t just repeat what you’ve done. It’s not just about more of the same approach. You must find a better, higher-return way. You must observe what happens, make time to reflect, question and stretch yourself to improve, then perform again better than before.

Are your team doing that purposefully?

Are they sharing what works?

Are you providing them with the support and mindset to continuously do this?

Do they know what to learn next to create most impact on their sales?

And is everyone lifting?

If not, this is fixable so don’t accept living with it. For customer facing people, learning to ‘lift’ effectively and efficiently to contribute to growing both yours and your customer’s business is learnable. And the capabilities you can learn are eye-opening and have a high-return on not just your business and your employees career paths, but their personal lives too.

Who wouldn’t want that?

And it makes your whole team luckier at sales, which doesn’t go unnoticed.

If you’re UK/Europe based and want some sensible actionable ideas to help, contact me here. If you’re serious about helping your team to stretch, we should be able to create some exciting results.

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