Learn how to sell in 30 seconds

imagePay-off: do these 4 things well consistently and you will increase your sales
Investment: 30 seconds

1. Get in to your customer’s head

  • study what they’re saying/doing online and in person
  • find out what/how they think about relevant things

2. Determine where they want to be and why

  • what do they want to achieve and avoid?
  • why?

3. Determine what they like about getting there

  • what’s important to them about getting from A to B?
  • what do they like to avoid whilst getting from A to B?

4. Show how you can help them get from 1 (what’s in their head) to 2 (where they want to be) via 3 (in a way they like) at a price they are prepared to pay

  • get their permission to offer a suggestion that might help them
  • invite them to take a step forward with you

Want to learn this skill as fast as possible?

Start helping your family and friends to make their buying decisions following the four steps closely.

Do you have a sales challenge you’d like some help with?

What’s the 1 question you’d most like answered about how to sell? Contact me and I’ll personally reply with my best answer.


Mark Moore

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