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Pay-off: An opportunity to improve your life at work
Investment: 1 minute

Well things certainly are changing faster than ever. And I’m not exactly helping the situation by whipping up a few changes myself. Although as it happens, I’m on my way to helping you solve that very problem of being too busy. I hope you’re about to step up and improve a few things in your work and life using the help I’m about to provide..

This short post is a sign post to what’s coming soon:

New Site

I’m launching a second new website to help people learn the #1 business, career and life skill.

I’ve always considered it the King of All Skills, and now I’m hearing more and more organisations see it that way too. Finally! (Hint: the irony that many businesses have been slow to learn that this skill is so important doesn’t escape me).

Businesses now want their people to learn this skill. Five years from now it’ll be nothing special – it’ll be the norm. And I’ll have to make sure I’m up to date offering the next useful thing to pave the way ahead. But right now, here I am helping people to learn it, and you can get a head start if you want. I’ll help you learn what it is later, but if you haven’t got it by now from my clues, you’ll have to wait!

New Blog

Because of the new site, I’ve moved this blog to (“.co” sites are increasing in popularity when “.com’s” are taken) and will continue to write posts not just on sales, but on what I regard to be the top 2 most important and useful business, career and life skills. Everything I’ve learned in my entire life and career has me confidently saying that these are the skills to invest in to carve a rewarding path ahead. When they’re habit, they change everything. More on those later.

Stay tuned…


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