How to watch Youtube videos more than twice as fast

roadPay-off: Learn how to save more than 50% of your time watching Youtube videos
Investment: 1.5 mins

How many hours per year do you sit in front of informative/educational Youtube videos? 20? 50? More? In this post I’ll show you how to get more than 50% of that time back.

Why you should self-direct your learning

Self-directing your learning puts you in the driving seat. You don’t have to put your resources at the mercy of someone else. You decide how to tackle your learning, and how fast. And like speed reading, you can cut the time it takes to watch Youtube videos – here’s how…

How to speed up your Youtube videos


  1. Open up your video as usual and click the ‘settings’ cog icon at the bottom right of the video player
  2. Click ‘speed’ and select either 1.25, 1.5 or 2 (if you want twice as fast).
  3. Enjoy the feeling of saving time
  4. IF you can’t see the speed setting in your player, you might need to upgrade your player to the HTML5 player. To do that, type in the URL: (or just click the link). Select the button that says,“Request the HTML5 player”

You’ll still be able to understand the video, get through it faster, and you can always slow it down if you need to.

How to save more than 50% of your time

Finally, I said I’d help you save more than 50% of the time – well, to do that, don’t feel you have to sit and watch a video all the way might want to consider a ‘learning robbery’…

How to do a learning robbery

Here’s how you perform a ‘learning robbery’. You follow Jack Nicholson’s advice.

Then you must know what you want, go in, take what you want, and get out fast.

Assume that 80% of the value you need lies within 20% of the video content.

To perform the learning robbery on a video, you don’t simply sit and watch it all through – you watch it twice as fast AND slide the slider to skip on a few minutes if you’re not finding what you want. You’re unlikely to miss anything too important so long as you minimise the jump. If there are visual clues to help you judge the content, hold and drag the slider (rather than click it on) and you can see the video screen advance. Useful.

Do your team know how to learn fast?

If you want to cut the time it takes to upskill your team (continuously) then you need to put more learning power in their hands.

You’d do well to invest in their ability to learn fast. I can help them with plenty of ideas and tactics just like this that will save them hours, weeks and months. I can do this in person, or virtually, or over the phone. The results are eye-opening. Check out my site and contact me using the contact tab.

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