Speed reading: how to save a couple of months per year

I’ve claimed you can save 1-2 months per year if you learn to speed read and use the skill consistently!

Here’s how I support that claim:

During my speed reading workshops (which used to last a day but I got them down to 1 hour achieving the same result), 80% of those people attending doubled their reading speed, or more, whilst maintaining full comprehension. We tested it before and after. That result was consistent. I told each group this would happen, knowing I’d look a fool if it didn’t.

Playing at the conservative end of that, let’s assume you could double your reading speed (in truth, that’s just a start – if you practice you’ll increase that). Now, most people read quite a bit. If you spent more than 2 hours every working day reading articles, emails, reports, books, etc (the things you can speed read) then this equates to 500 reading hours per year. (Simple maths, 2 hours x 5 days per week = 10 hours a week. Multiply this by 50 weeks and you have 500 hours.)

Reading at twice your speed, providing you do speed read all of that would save you 250 hours per year. Which is 35 working days per year (assuming 7 hour working days).

If you’re not happy with that, let’s go conservative again.

Halve it.

What if you saved 17 working days per year?

That’s upwards of 3 working weeks.

Chances are, without being so conservative and with practice, you’ll easily get back twice that. Which translates to 1-2 months per year – if you’re reading that amount.

What would you do with that time that matters to you?

That’s what this skill enables.

And that’s just one learning skill. Combine it with others and you can seriously ramp this ROI up further.

Contact me here if you are interested in a speed reading workshop. Small investment, big return.

“I am using a lot of the tools already and finding it hard to believe my ability. Thanks the best course I have ever done and very well presented” – Gerard MacMahon

“Applying the tools and techniques that Mark has taught me has left me in awe of my own potential. In many cases, I can now get done in 2 hours, tasks that would previously have taken 2 days. Furthermore, my confidence has shot through the roof” – Adrian Griffith, Director, Oval Systems

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