How to avoid being wrong

You can’t, necessarily. But you can increase your chances. The real question is do you really want to know the truth? Or would you rather just believe what you want to believe? If you want to get closer to the truth, here’s how: Notice when you’re dancing closely to the edge of truth. How do …

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Great minds

…don’t think alike. They challenge each other to think again. Intellectual chemistry occurs not when you both agree but when you enjoy disagreeing and then work together to get it right rather than be right. “Even if I don’t like it, what parts of what they’re saying could be right? And in which situations?” is …

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Truth and accuracy

I heard someone say that it’s a shortcoming to be focused on truth and accuracy. That’s just not true, they’re wrong. P.S. The accurate truth is that many situations need truth and accuracy. Not pedants, but people shining a light on what’s real, so that we all have a chance. The growing mass of people …

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This sort of person is going places

I’m often asked by clients which of their current employees should be selling or engaging customers. There are numerous traits that suggest someone could ‘sell’, or be a strong leader (because the two roles are similar). But I’ve boiled down my top three: 1. They have strong ‘belief in cause’ 2. They’re credible in front …

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The art of creating trust in conversation

Pay-off: learn the single most important way to build trust in conversation (beyond simply ‘listening’) Investment: >2 minutes Sign up to weekly posts here Trust is the linchpin to a successful and ongoing business relationship. It’s the conduit to connecting value, creating win:wins and mutually progressing and growing your businesses together. Caveat emptor and caveat venditor …

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