The 4 B’s

Here’s an efficient way to strengthen your thinking, learning, problem solving and progress in just about anything.

I learned it off a poster on my boys classroom wall when he was little. But we can all use it creatively.

When you’re stuck, follow these steps to get unstuck, in this order:

  1. Brain
  2. Book
  3. Buddy
  4. Boss

First, consult your BRAIN. Think. Maybe that gets you unstuck.

No luck? Consult your BOOK. Or the internet. Or best of all, ChatGPT or other AI.

Unstuck yet? No? Ask your BUDDY. Ask a peer or friend that you can reach out to who is most likely to know.

Still no good? OK, ask the BOSS. At least you respected their time by self-directing things first. You could also tell them that you’ve done your ‘homework’ but no luck yet. They’d appreciate that.

The unfortunate thing about this, is many people avoid 1 and 2 and often go straight to 3 or 4. Which slows everyone up and fails to make the individual grow stronger.

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