The lever that maximises your sales team’s performance

fishPay-off: will improve how you invest your sales performance budget
Investment: 1.5 mins

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime” – proverb

The main problem with one-off sales training

The main problem with one-off sales training is that you’re sinking your investment into one fish. You’re feeding your team for a day.

And usually that fish doesn’t get eaten properly anyway – it just gets slapped around the faces of those in the team.

A bunch of sales techniques enthusiastically dumped on the team doesn’t help the team to actually learn those techniques in an easy to apply manner that suits their specific mindset, style, relationships, current situation, market etc

Effective learning precedes effective earning

To ‘eat’ the fish, the team must learn how to make new ideas fit their unique circumstances. They need to know how to navigate the many challenges to retaining, recalling and applying the various techniques consistently in the right ways at the right times, and adapting and improving as they go. All of this is learnable, with eye-opening, and revenue-generating results.

Improving sales performance has more to do with learning than it does with sales. Your team don’t need sales tricks and tools. They need a habit of proactively learning effectively. It’s the number one sales skill. It’s the lever you’re probably not yet pulling that maximises sales performance. Without a doubt, the best sales people I’ve had the privilege to work with over the years were fast learners, and tackled their sales performance with an ‘always ready to learn’ mindset.

Teaching your sales team to continuously fish for ways to improve their sales approach, will feed them, you, your customers, and your business, for a lifetime. And once you’ve done that, of course it doesn’t hurt to help them catch their first fish too – by providing some up to date techniques that have them making quick sales wins too.

One fish won’t improve their performance sustainably

So where are you going to put your sales performance improvement investment this year?

If you would like to upgrade and up-skill your sales team into a team of high sales performers who can build a constant pipeline of opportunities for your business, and convert them, whilst continuously operating at a different level to what you’ve recently been seeing, contact me.

I can help up-skill your team fast, effectively, cost effectively, and via online seminars, mobile learning, face to face, conference calls or one to one coaching. Between us we can discuss what will be most effective. Contact me here or visit for more info.

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