The smart way to increase your probability of getting “yeses”


Pay-off: Learn a question that will get you more opportunities
Investment: < 1 min
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Would you like to buy this new fashionable jacket from me right now?

Probably not.

Is there a time of year you may be ready to look at buying such a jacket?


Would someone you know like to buy such a jacket either now or at a certain time of year?


(Who are they and when might it make sense for me to reach out?)

Conversation 1

Most people when seeking out opportunities, it seems, go in blind, too direct and too specific by asking if people are interested in their offering right now.

The chances of a “no” in such a conversation are very high. It must be draining for everyone.

Conversation 2

But others increase their chances by involving prospects in a simple respectful discovery conversation, seeking out those who might want to buy when they might be likely to buy. They collect useful information that people are usually happy to share, rather than “no’s”.

The fit, relevance, trust, respect, and “yeses” that you get over time, probably all go up.

Which conversation would both of you rather have?

If useful to your network, please consider sharing using the buttons on the side of the screen, and if you want help from me, I’m here.

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