Think again

Most people you interact with invest heavily in the first thoughts that come to them.

That’s it. In the moment, live, in real time, or when under pressure, they think of the first thing that enters their head….and then they back it. They go with it. They believe it. And then they double down on it. Or defend it.

It’s mental.

And that’s what you’re dealing with.

Tip: You always have the option to slow down and think again, going beyond your first thought. Ponder some alternatives, or even some opposites. See how they play out. Zoom in, out, look at upsides and downsides, change perspectives, scan short and long term, check the surrounding system, the other moving parts, and try on some different lenses. Daniel Kahneman knows all about that.

You could always do that, and then respond.

No need to think of just one thing and then fully believe what you just quickly came up with.

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