Hi, I’m Mark, and I help people to learn high-impact ways to achieve better results in their business or career.

This site contains my various projects that help switched-on people amplify their efforts to make greater impact in their work.


And this stuff works…

Through my resources on this site, you can get your hands on some of the ideas I have used as a one man business, to sell to, train, coach and mentor senior executives, partners, and leaders in the following organisations:

As well as keeping busy working with these clients, I have also lectured at top universities including the universities of Warwick, Birmingham, Bath and Sydney.

As Director of Excelerated Performance Ltd, I help organisations to grow their sales via their technical, non-sales and professional service teams.


The Big 4 Skills

My work since 2003 has mostly helped people to learn what I call ‘The Big Four Skills’ (read more here) that potentially make the highest impact on your business, career and life.

  • learn anything in the fastest way possible
  • efficiently apply what you learn (measurably where required)
  • sell to, influence and persuade others to make highly rewarding decisions (I especially help ‘non-sales’ people, business owners and consultants who never signed up to sell)
  • position themselves intelligently so that they’re set up to win (getting into their ideal career, into the right business, targeting the right industries and customers and so on)

Here’s what some of my clients have said.

My sites and projects

I have an honours degree from the University of Warwick in Engineering and Business Studies, and I write and speak on the topics of business development, sales, self-directed, social and informal learning, career advancement and business performance and have had articles published in industry trade magazines, national newspapers and MS Money.

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