Hi, I’m Mark, and this is my personal site and blog. I help people to learn useful career, business, and life skills that increase their value in the marketplace.

I help them think smarter, learn faster, and create and build value for their customers and employers.

I also help non-sales and technical people get good at selling, fast.

How I got here:

I discovered ‘accelerated learning’ in my childhood and set up a business in 2003 training large organisations in the UK and Australia to use these techniques to shortcut the time it took people to learn new skills.

An ex-engineer, my work in accelerated learning gradually led me to work with engineers and professional services. And I soon discovered they faced a new learning challenge: how to sell their solutions when they didn’t exactly sign up to do so.

Since I had learned to sell for my own business, I decided to support other non-sales people by setting up a business helping them (especially technical people) to learn how to sell ethically, confidently and effectively.

I’ve ran numerous courses, training, coaching and support programs for businesses of all sizes globally, and especially in the UK and Australia, including McKinsey, Apple, KPMG, Capgemini, and a number of big Universities including Warwick, Birmingham, and Sydney.

I’ve helped them and their people shortcut their learning of new skills and behaviours, double their productivity, find and get into their ideal careers, improve their presentation skills, develop stronger and more resilient thinking, and contribute to generating revenue for their businesses by becoming effective at selling to their customers.

My current business sites are: https://helppeoplebuy.com and https://revenuegen.co.uk

I’m on Linkedin here.

And you can get in touch here.


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