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how to sell more of your services when sales isn’t your thing

Sales not quite where you want them?

Selling might not be your thing…

But as a consultant, business owner or someone who talks to customers, you have unique value that the right people want to pay you for.

Why do they want to pay you?

Because they realise that they’ll be better off with that value than they are holding on to the money it costs.

And these people are everywhere. But the question is, are you helping them to find and buy what you provide?

Or, are you getting in their way because of discomfort or a lack of clarity that has you hiding, or scaring them off with an unstructured clumsy or pushy approach?

Find an approach that has them confidently investing in you

To help your buyers confidently invest in you, you might want to consider investing in yourself first. One of the best investments you can make in yourself is to design a sales approach that seamlessly helps your buyers to buy when they want to, in a way that suits you both, and builds mutual value, trust and respect.

I’ve been helping consultants from top firms to get this right, including McKinsey, Capgemini and Apple, and now I want to help the right individuals who want to do the same. But I won’t be able to help everyone. There are certain people I can get results with, so please read on to see if we might fit.

As you’ll know, selling can be a consistent challenge, that produces inconsistent results. One common costly problem exists when people ‘wing it’ without following a structured process to give them and their buyers clarity, certainty and confidence.

This leaves a lot of missed opportunities, and a lot of time, money, effort and emotions wasted on deals that never come to anything, or worse, damage your relationships and credibility.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. There’s a better way to do it – and it pays to find it.

Finding the best way for you and your buyers

The thing is, there’s a:

  • ‘right’ way to sell (explored across some up to date sales books and courses)
  • ‘wrong’ way to sell (still being kept alive by self-serving pushy stereotypical salespeople)
  • and a best way for you personally (in your unique situation) and for your customers (which is something you want to get your hands on fast)

The best way for you and your customers is where you’ll find the breakthrough you’ve been looking for. And to find that, you might want some help, before your situation becomes more costly.

An active, action-based approach

Articles, books and resources are useful, but the ideas don’t always fit your unique situation. Sometimes, the wheels just don’t turn and you don’t manage to apply what you learn. It can be hard to know what to do next.

That’s where I might be able to help you, and we can do this via email, Skype, or phone.

Could we progress together?

Could I be your wingman? If you identify with any of the challenges below and want to feel understood in your unique situation, just arrange a chat with me using the form below and I’ll share some options for moving forward (with or without my support – I only work with people I believe I will get a result with, other people I point towards better options for their situation).

You’ll get to see how I help my buyers make their buying decisions in a value-building way, without any pressure.

If you’re frustrated, this action alone should reduce that and begin to put you on a better, more exciting path.

If you are asking yourself any of the questions below, or similar, I might be able to help:

  • How do I sell my services with more confidence and certainty? I’m not a sales person, so where do I start? What process would work best for me?
  • What one change would make the most impact on my business growth? I know I’m doing something wrong. What one change should I make to get the best breakthrough?
  • What’s the best way for me to generate more opportunities? Should I cold call? Should I send cold emails? Should I use social media? If so, how?
  • How do I hold sales conversations that work effortlessly? How do I structure my conversation and questions? How should I pitch? How do I win their respect and trust? How do I comfortably talk fees and ask for business?
  • How do I rapidly become someone that customers want to do business with? How to I get the right mindset, skills and know-how to sell consistently? How can I stay true to myself and still create buying-desire in my customers?
  • How do I revive opportunities gone cold? Which opportunities are worth reviving? How do I successfully re-engage the customer? Which opportunities are most likely to close the fastest?
  • How do I set myself up as a successful consultant who can continuously generate business? How do I get started? How do I grow my capabilities so that my business, and my customer’s businesses grow?
  • How do I turn this into an efficient, repeatable system that delivers? How do I remove the roadblocks that have been frustrating me? How do I refine my approach? How can I automate parts, delegate parts and handle the rest effectively myself?

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