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Help someone get started

Most people don’t get started because they don’t know where to start. You can watch them not start for years. That’s how long they’ll wait, sometimes. But you really only need two ingredients to help get someone started: Want a kid to enjoy throwing a paper aeroplane? (Yeah, this is a metaphor..) 1. Hand them …

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How to avoid being wrong

You can’t, necessarily. But you can increase your chances. The real question is do you really want to know the truth? Or would you rather just believe what you want to believe? If you want to get closer to the truth, here’s how: Notice when you’re dancing closely to the edge of truth. How do …

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Great minds

…don’t think alike. They challenge each other to think again. Intellectual chemistry occurs not when you both agree but when you enjoy disagreeing and then work together to get it right rather than be right. “Even if I don’t like it, what parts of what they’re saying could be right? And in which situations?” is …

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Become a strong independent thinker

Never before have our minds been so ambushed from all directions, constantly. With all the emotionally-charged noise out there, social media, fake news, echo chambers, amplified fear, us Vs them mentality, and volume turned up on biases, it can be hard to stop the external environment from owning your thinking. And there’s no doubt it’s …

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The 4 B’s

Here’s an efficient way to strengthen your thinking, learning, problem solving and progress in just about anything. I learned it off a poster on my boys classroom wall when he was little. But we can all use it creatively. When you’re stuck, follow these steps to get unstuck, in this order: First, consult your BRAIN. …

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The 7 W’s

People tell me they struggle to know what questions to ask when meeting people, switching on curiosity, seeking to understand, helping others to think, solving problems, making buying decisions, or when simply learning something. This can get you started. Use the 7 W’s: Keep repeating those in your head. I have them at my fingertips. …

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Pointless arguing

So many arguments grow because of differing definitions of words or terms. (See Layne’s Law). If you’re arguing, pause to ask and understand how the other person describes specific words or terms you’ve used. Then describe how you see that word. Then, pick things up from the new understanding, not the word. You might find …

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How to maximise value to anyone

“Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems“ Peter Drucker What a shift. Solve problems, yes. But spot, sieze and exploit opportunties (ethically!) and you’re going somewhere. This applies to businesses and individuals too. You could even point it towards your family. (That’s an opportunity right there in itself.) The other vital part …

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An interesting topic. It seems most people justify their own lies, but don’t like being on the receving end of others. That’s because lying tends to give the liar an advantage over the other person, in that moment. One that’s boldly taken, not given. And that’s worth thinking about. You’re purposefully misleading them. You want …

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