Mastering Technical Sales

Every high-tech sales team today has technical pros on board to explain how things work, and this success-tested training resource is written just for them. This newly revised and expanded third edition of an Artech House bestseller offers invaluable insights and tips for every stage of the selling process. This third edition features a wealth of new material, including new chapters on business-driven discovery, white boarding, trusted advisors, and calculating ROI. This invaluable book equips new sales engineers with powerful sales and presentation techniques that capitalize on their technical background all spelled out step-by-step by a pair of technical sales experts with decades of eye-popping, industry-giant success under their belt. Contents t Introduction: Why Study Sales Consulting; An Overview of the Sales Process; Lead Qualification; The RFP Process; Needs Analysis and Discovery; Business Discovery; Successful Customer Engagement; The Perfect Pitch; The Dash to Demo; Snap Demonstrations; Remote Demonstrations and Webcasts; White Boarding; Evaluation Strategies; Sanity After the Sale; Getting Started; Objection Handling; Answering Questions; The Executive Connection; The Trusted Advisor; Doing the Math; Calculating ROI; The U in Technical Sales; Selling with Partners; Competitive Tactics; Using CRM/SFA System; Crossing Over to the Dark Side; Organizational Structure; Building the Infrastructure; Hiring Winners; Time Management for SE s; Managing by the Metrics; Final Words

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