Challenge Nothing happens until someone makes a decision! It all hinges on this moment. How will you help your customer to make their decisions? Solution Two videos: total running time 8 m 35 s Video 1: 2 m 54 s Video 2: 5 m 40 s Actions Get clear that the best thing you can …

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Your biggest STS challenge?

Challenge What is the biggest challenge I’ll be up against? (Not just in STS, but in life too perhaps?) Solution Video: 3 m 06 s Actions Repeat to yourself (in your head, or people will stare) “close the gap!” “meet them where they are at – then lead them..” “ride the horse in the direction …

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Understanding your value

Challenge Value is commonly misunderstood by both service providers and customers. And yet everything hinges on value. Getting this right will positively impact your approach, help your customers, and give you better perspective around value in your personal life too. Solution 2 videos: total running time 8 m 30 s Video 1: 3 m 32 …

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The 4 types of engineers

Challenge Are you seeing yourself in the same way that your customer’s are seeing you? Most people think that they are being valuable and helpful. But what does your customer, colleagues, and team leader think? What about the next customer you’re about to speak to? We might need to make some adjustments. Solution Video: 4 …

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The bullseye of STS

Challenge Eyes on the prize! What’s the direct line to the goal here? Solution Video: 1 m 28 s Actions Repeatedly focus on: Customers want you to be ‘the best!’ (for them). How can you increase your chances of being the best for them? What one thing could you purposefully improve to head in that …

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