A crystal clear mind

Your mind is cloudy. And heavy. And noisy. You know why? Because it got that way. Because it likes to add stuff. And then a bit more. And a bit more… It just can’t leave the most simple of its observations alone. It just has to tamper with them. It quickly takes what it notices …

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Learn like lightning

“Pie. I wish I could determine pi, ‘Eureka’ cried the great inventor” Time someone learning the number pi fluently to 11 decimal places. How long would they take? 10 minutes? Longer? To get it accurate? That’s 14 digits. Takes some effort. Time yourself repeating the title (Pie.) and first two lines of the poem above, …

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How to find your perfect sales mentor

Pay-off: sell more, more easily, by getting someone else to tackle your sales challenges ahead of you Investment: 10 minutes – this is a thorough ‘how to’ post that should make significant impact on your sales performance if you apply what you learn Please share if you think others will find it useful. (Thank you!) Consider this week’s …

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The only way to completely eliminate sales (or any) procrastination

Pay-off: overcome procrastination, make work more rewarding and get home on time Investment: 4 minutes You procrastinate don’t you? Even though people have told you to “break things into small parts” and “just do it!”, you still procrastinate. Why? Because these two pieces of common advice don’t address the root cause of the problem. And …

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Learn up to 10 times faster

Pay-off: puts you in the driving seat to learn faster Investment: 8 mins (4 mins if you’d learned to speed read) Do you know what wastes most of your time, money and effort when it comes to learning? Often it’s simply believing that learning should be done to you, rather than by you, and putting …

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