A crystal clear mind

Your mind is cloudy. And heavy. And noisy.

You know why?

Because it got that way. Because it likes to add stuff. And then a bit more. And a bit more…

It just can’t leave the most simple of its observations alone. It just has to tamper with them.

It quickly takes what it notices and then wraps it tightly in reasons, backstories, forecasts, interpretations, judgements, justifications, similarities, emotions, and personal narratives.

It’s like the creative writing team within have gone bonkers.

And so it becomes unnecessarily heavy. And this cacophony of possible interpretations can easily send us down damaging paths.

So let’s clear it all away.

Consider what would happen if your eyes and brain were disconnected. And only your eyes, as cameras, observed something. With no further transmission to the brain. So there’d be no reaction, judgement or thought. Nothing. Just observation. Like how my dog watches Countdown.

You can switch your focus to this objective outlook.

Consider something that’s frustrated you recently. Describe it in your head. But now, disconnect your brain. Dump the load. See, hear or know only that simplified indisputable one thing – that fact – that describes what happened. No adding stuff. It shouldn’t need more than a few crisp words involving a subject or object and a verb. It’s light.

“He hasn’t written back, he’s ignoring me, I’ve annoyed him” becomes “I haven’t seen a reply, yet.”

“She did that coercively because she’s evil” becomes “she did that.”

“She’s on holiday, she’s so lucky!” becomes “she’s on holiday.”

“He tried to teach me all these things that I know so much more about than him!” becomes “he told me some things”. Or “he told me some things that I also knew.”

It’s hard to get frustrated by your reworked version. Because it’s lighter, simpler….and more accurate.

It’s much easier to accept, and you can walk off whistling.

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