Truth and accuracy

I heard someone say that it’s a shortcoming to be focused on truth and accuracy.

That’s just not true, they’re wrong.

P.S. The accurate truth is that many situations need truth and accuracy. Not pedants, but people shining a light on what’s real, so that we all have a chance. The growing mass of people today pretending, lying or being inaccurate contribute to a dangerous mindset. One that has them joining the march down the slippery slope with a cliff edge (see Molloch).

Enabling and then ‘powering up’ and spreading subjective ideas that aren’t actually true (aka ‘my truth’) is likely to eventually come back to bite. In ways one hadn’t really thought of. There’s a true cost. This applies to many situations. But it’s complicated. Some situations would indeed benefit from an empathetic measured dose of ‘helpful thinking‘ to help a fellow human move forwards productively, with strength. Ultimately, the goal isn’t to ‘be right’, it’s to ‘get it right’.

More on lying here.

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