Great minds

…don’t think alike. They challenge each other to think again. Intellectual chemistry occurs not when you both agree but when you enjoy disagreeing and then work together to get it right rather than be right. “Even if I don’t like it, what parts of what they’re saying could be right? And in which situations?” is …

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How others see you

Want to see how you might look through the eyes of someone else? Here are two ways to get closer to this: 1. What values of theirs do you admire? They probably notice and admire the same in you. 2. What do you not like so much about them? Take the opposite of that. Go …

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2 things that maximise value

There are two types of value: I rhymed them intentionally to help recall, because they’re worth recalling. If you just provide the value people request, you’re leaving an awful lot of value on the table. Because all of us can only see so far. You provide more value and become more valuable when you also …

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True value and true cost

True value In my work helping businesses to sell, I define true value as “the precise optimal mix of services or products that your entire business can provide your customers business, such that they’d be better off than they would be by keeping their investment.” It’s an ideal to aim for, and it involves the …

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A simple way to win people over

Pay-off: shift your focus to this and you’ll become more persuasive Investment: 3 minutes Sign up to monthly posts here As with most of the ideas on this blog, this one applies to anyone – that’s you – not just people in sales. This tip applies when you’re interacting with other people and you need …

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How to handle sales rejection

Pay-off: how to handle sales rejection AND increase your chances of making the sale Investment: 5 minutes Sign up to monthly posts here   So, you want to know how to handle sales rejection… It’s probably useful then to get a handle on the two main things at play here: 1. fear of sales rejection 2. …

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