How others see you

Want to see how you might look through the eyes of someone else?

Here are two ways to get closer to this:

1. What values of theirs do you admire? They probably notice and admire the same in you.

2. What do you not like so much about them? Take the opposite of that. Go on, flip it over. They might just see and not like that opposite in you.

It won’t apply to everything, so apply some context. But here are some examples for point 2:

“You’re too verbose!” / “You’re too blunt!”

“You’re too chaotic!” / “You plan too much!”

“You’re too silly!” / “You’re too serious!”

“You’re too skeptical!” / “You’re too naive!”

“You’re so focused on truth and accuracy!” / “You seem sloppy and believe things too easily!”

Note: the easiest way to co-operate with someone is for you to tone down the part of you that might distance them, when it helps to.

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