Two steps out of trouble

This two step formula is one of the most useful things I ever learned.

It helps you improve any situation.

It’s a command you give yourself that’s particularly useful when you’re facing a challenge. And it was distilled from a couple of quotes from General Norman Schwarzkopf.

The command is, “Take charge. Do the right thing.”

It’s perfect. Here’s why:

You can’t do anything useful if you don’t first take charge of yourself. It puts you firmly in the driving seat and powers you up.

Then, you just need to do the “right thing”.

But, how would you know what that is?

You won’t.

But these four clues will get you close:

1. Asking and answering the question “what’s the right thing to do here?” will get you close.

2. The right thing often feels a little uncomfortable to do. That’ll get you closer.

3. The right thing is likely to be the thing that gives you most peace of mind. That’ll get you closer still.

4. The right thing is likely to be the thing that makes others better off as well as yourself, where possible. If you haven’t hit upon the right thing by now, you’re going to be pretty damn close.

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