You are responsible.

You are responsible. Whether you like it or not. And whether you accept it or not.

Not for what you were born into, or your upbringing, or for some of what life puts on you.

But you are responsible for your:

  • thinking, which you can choose to swap or flip once you grip hold of it
  • learning, which you can steer and use to change your thinking
  • decisions, which you can learn and think about before making
  • actions, which your decisions influence

And these, combined with execution, time, timing, and circumstances create outcomes. Which could be put on a spectrum somewhere between pain and gain.

Those experiences and outcomes, on repeat, are your life.

Your thinking (or lack of) create what you experience.

It’s worth pausing to consider what thinking, learning, decisions and actions over time put you in the position you are currently in. And what trajectory you’re on and position you’ll be in, if you continue operating at the same level.

It’s worth contemplating what new learning, thinking, decisions and actions you could take to steer your journey.

And it starts with a decision right now.

You can decide, at any point you remind yourself to – because you are responsible for that – to pause your life and get a grip on your thinking, learning, decisions or actions in that very moment.

You can learn new ideas and use them to challenge your own thinking, and make decisions slightly differently. Which will change your actions and your life.

If you think you’re not responsible (or fail to think and decide that you are) then you pass all power to other people and events.

This makes you a victim.

And a victim can’t do anything about anything, because they’re a victim. They believe it’s out of their control, so they believe there is nothing to control. That’s a fast way to incapacitate yourself.

Better and stronger to learn, think, decide and act like you’re responsible. And doing so puts all the power back into you. (Literally repeating “I am responsible” in my head never fails to pump me up ready for action).

You could start by creating reminders to do this. And practice not going with your first thought on things so quickly. Consider other perspectives before jumping forward.

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