The easiest way to succeed in sales?

imagePay-off: easier, smarter, more effective and more efficient sales
Investment: < 1 min

The easiest way to succeed in sales (and if you’re a human then YOU are in sales!) is to understand and apply this:

The easiest way to ride a horse is in the direction it’s already going.

  • meet people where they are at
  • learn where they are going and why
  • speak their language
  • listen to them carefully so you don’t say anything they disagree with (yet)
  • be interested in what they’re most interested in
  • care about what they care about
  • smile when they smile
  • laugh when they laugh
  • follow their energy and pace
  • listen, listen, listen
  • give them space and comfort to communicate in their style
  • help them be themselves
  • help draw out their existing emotions
  • keep them nodding
  • show them that you ‘get’ them
  • and that you’re riding the horse with them

…and then, and ONLY THEN, help them explore turning the horse towards where it should be going. Don’t get this the wrong way round.

It’s that simple.

And you can learn to improve at each of these things if you want to (click here)

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