This sort of person is going places

I’m often asked by clients which of their current employees should be selling or engaging customers.

There are numerous traits that suggest someone could ‘sell’, or be a strong leader (because the two roles are similar). But I’ve boiled down my top three:

1. They have strong ‘belief in cause’

2. They’re credible in front of their clients

3. They get stuff done

Bonus: they’re strong self-directed learners.

If they have the first three, get them in front of clients. The bonus is vital to turn their volume up.

These people aren’t just great selling or leading. They’re highly likely to do places in life and make some impact.


Belief in cause: A driving and emotionally-charged belief that compels you to add value through your solutions to the right people. It could be belief in your solution, belief in the people you’re helping, belief in the broader cause or belief in yourself. Anyone can tap into their belief in cause.

Credible: they bet on you. They believe in you, in this area. You exude confidence, clarity, insights and useful ideas. You’re customer-serving, not self-serving and trustworthy. All learnable skills.

Get stuff done: You’re alert, switched on, reliable, proactive, fast moving, organised, and action oriented. All Learnable.

Self-directed learners: You own learning. It’s done by you, not to you, and you push it deliberately and hard, consistently.

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