How to make sure you’re well looked after at work

dogPay-off: Don’t feel your employer or customers look after you? Let’s turn that around…
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Do you feel ‘looked after’ at work?

Many people don’t

Through my work I come across a worryingly large number of people who tell me that they don’t feel ‘looked after’ by their employers, customers or colleagues.

But the question on my mind is, ‘how well are you looking after them?’

I hate to say it, but it’s clear to me that most people I come across just aren’t interested in doing their job AND looking after their business, customers or colleagues.

Hmmm. If that’s you, we need to talk…

Are you clear on how this works?

The problem occurs when you’re more interested in the work that you do than you are in looking after the people, problems, and businesses you could help.

And the problem becomes worse when you feel that you’re entitled to being looked after, without going first. No, I’m afraid the way it works is YOU must go first. And you must earn the trust, respect, care and attention that could come back to you. Get over yourself…

It’s your turn

You can isolate yourself and your work, wait to be asked or told what to do, and be one of those people who just does their job and nothing more, but still expects trust and respect for their genius.

Or you can easily rise above those who do that and become someone who actually earns trust and respect and numerous other rewards that come with that, by building value-adding relationships with your business, colleagues and customers.

All you have to do is:

1.Seek to fully understand them first
2.Look after them using your resources

That’s your choice. It’s that simple. You might as well decide which you’ll do right now. Because the default setting is the former.

Here it is on a plate:

You can find ways to look after more of these people in more/better ways more often, and you’ll find that you feel more looked after. And if you really feel you’re not, keep seeking out more people to look after until they do look after you. And then look after them some more.

Just please don’t sit there being one of the many people who are only wrapped up in their work or expertise, and then complain that they don’t feel looked after by others.

Understanding business, customers and other people are all learnable skills. And you can learn them fast. It’s there if you want it.

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