Pointless arguing

So many arguments grow because of differing definitions of words or terms. (See Layne’s Law). If you’re arguing, pause to ask and understand how the other person describes specific words or terms you’ve used. Then describe how you see that word. Then, pick things up from the new understanding, not the word. You might find …

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A crystal clear mind

Your mind is cloudy. And heavy. And noisy. You know why? Because it got that way. Because it likes to add stuff. And then a bit more. And a bit more… It just can’t leave the most simple of its observations alone. It just has to tamper with them. It quickly takes what it notices …

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What you should do next

Next, you should do the thing that’s stopping you from doing the next thing. What’s the next thing you really should be doing? The thing that’ll make the most impact on your life, and preferably make tomorrow easier or better? What’s stopping you from getting that done? Attend to that right now.

You are responsible.

You are responsible. Whether you like it or not. And whether you accept it or not. Not for what you were born into, or your upbringing, or for some of what life puts on you. But you are responsible for your: And these, combined with execution, time, timing, and circumstances create outcomes. Which could be …

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A simple way to win people over

Pay-off: shift your focus to this and you’ll become more persuasive Investment: 3 minutes Sign up to monthly posts here As with most of the ideas on this blog, this one applies to anyone – that’s you – not just people in sales. This tip applies when you’re interacting with other people and you need …

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How to handle sales rejection

Pay-off: how to handle sales rejection AND increase your chances of making the sale Investment: 5 minutes Sign up to monthly posts here   So, you want to know how to handle sales rejection… It’s probably useful then to get a handle on the two main things at play here: 1. fear of sales rejection 2. …

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