The 7 W’s

People tell me they struggle to know what questions to ask when meeting people, switching on curiosity, seeking to understand, helping others to think, solving problems, making buying decisions, or when simply learning something. This can get you started. Use the 7 W’s: Keep repeating those in your head. I have them at my fingertips. …

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Learn like lightning

“Pie. I wish I could determine pi, ‘Eureka’ cried the great inventor” Time someone learning the number pi fluently to 11 decimal places. How long would they take? 10 minutes? Longer? To get it accurate? That’s 14 digits. Takes some effort. Time yourself repeating the title (Pie.) and first two lines of the poem above, …

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This sort of person is going places

I’m often asked by clients which of their current employees should be selling or engaging customers. There are numerous traits that suggest someone could ‘sell’, or be a strong leader (because the two roles are similar). But I’ve boiled down my top three: 1. They have strong ‘belief in cause’ 2. They’re credible in front …

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A simple way to learn faster

Pay-off: time-saving tricks to help you learn fast Investment: 14 minutes (4-7 mins if you applied the ideas within) Sign up to monthly posts here You’re trying to learn something right now in your work or life, aren’t you? You want to be able to know or do something to a desired standard, in order …

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Why your learning and growth are slow

Pay-off: learn how to learn more efficiently Investment: 1 minute Sign up to weekly posts here Assuming that you’re already learning in the most effective style for you… If you’re quick to agree with what you’re learning, or you’re soaking it up or practising it with ease, then you’re not really learning. You’re just familiarising yourself …

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The right way to learn how to sell

Pay-off: Pick the right learning solution to improve sales results Investment: 2.5 minutes Sign up to weekly posts here You read the book and attended the course. You listened to the advice and observed the boss. But still, something isn’t right. You’re still not totally clear or confident. How the hell do you apply what you …

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