The 2 most important things you must do in your work

quotePay-off: if you do them, you’ll create a more rewarding career
Investment: 2 mins (1 min if you’d learned to speed read)

“Because its purpose is to create a customer, the business has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation” – Peter Drucker

Same applies to anyone in their career. It’s never enough to just create value, you have to connect it too, to the right people.

I write this to those who tend to just ‘do their job’, create or produce outputs, but stop short of connecting, marketing, or sharing what they have done so that others can benefit.

Connect and share

I encourage everyone, for every thing they innovate or create, to try to connect it somehow to those who need or want it.

Find who they are (customers, those in your network, colleagues, your boss – use this list if you’re stuck – and then…

  • Share what you learn
  • Share what you think
  • Share what you decide
  • Share what you do
  • Share what you create
  • Market
  • Sell

Some you’ll share because you care, some you’ll share for exposure, some you’ll share for a win:win, but if you want to make your career, and the world go round, the worst thing you can do is just create without connecting.

Non-sales people should learn to connect more

If you tend to focus more on getting your head down and using your technical expertise in your work (most of the ‘non-sales’ people I help through my work do), I urge you to explore the benefits of connecting and marketing more of what you do to others.

Marketing and sales for non-sales people is a highly rewarding and useful business, career and life skill. These skills are learnable, and best of all, it’s often non-sales people who have a number of advantages to perform well in these activities.


OK, what have you done or learnt recently that you are sitting on and perhaps should share? What if it got shared further by others too? You can’t beat others doing your sharing for you!

These days, there are lots of ways to share, with just about anyone…

On that note, I, and other people might appreciate you sharing this post, so please consider doing so if you think they might find it useful!

Many thanks,


PS if you would like your team to learn these skills, it’s probably worth getting in touch with me. Either I can help or perhaps give you some things to consider so that you do it effectively.

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